by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 40 minutes

Illusion is an amazingly seductive and very horny erotic file.
Can you imagine entering the gateway of unexplored deeper sexual pleasure.
Is this an illusion or could it be hypnotic compelling pleasure. Mmm so very enchanted.
Pleasure while listening to illusion is so powerful creating sexual images that will give you sexual ecstasy on a very deep level.
Here I create an illusion, 40mins of the most enchantingly hypnotic euphoria.
She is a seductress who can easily seduce you and entice you into deep erotic hypnotic pleasure. Creating powerful illusions deep in your mind.
Your mind will melt like soft wax as she takes you deeply and seductively to a dreamy erotic place.
You drift away so easily so deeply.You ache for my voice to fill your mind taking you in more ways than one. It’s what you desire isn’t it.
You open your mind and feel those soft sensuous whispers penetrate the most deepest place in your mind, where you feel the most deepest pleasure.
Illusion is a very powerfully profound erotic file, intense horny pleasures will fill you over and over again.
Could you imagine two of me. Can you be more obedient.
Would you like to enter the gateway of unexplored hypnotic pleasure.
Come along feel my voice seduce you now.

Categories: Masturbation, Seductress
Tags: fantasy, hypnosis, nipple play, oral, pleasure, profound, sensuous, sex, sexual, trance

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