Irresistible Pleasure

by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 42 minutes

An enticingly seducing hypnotic fantasy file that will fuck you body and mind, you will find this pleasure very difficult to resist.
A completely compelling erotic hypnosis file that is so magnetic you will want to surrender.
Yes, you are invited into my dungeon to experience an amazingly deep mind fuck of exquisite ultimate pleasure. Let me take you there now.
You are just moments away from my powerful profound irresistible power of seduction.
My powerful sensuous perfume hypnotising you as you make your way down the corridor to meet me.
Would you like to help your Mistress out of her tight shiny black catsuit. Would you like to experience femdom in a very sensuous erotic style.
Here I tease and seduce you over and over again!
Compelled and so very captivated by my sensuous aroma as it fills your mind.
Once inside the surrender room there’s no turning back. You already know that pleasure here will be so very intense and as always you look forward to the irresistible orgasmic pleasure.
So are you ready to strip naked.
Kneel with your hands clasped behind your back.
Mmmm they won’t be clasped for to long though.
You are here to give me pleasure.
Remember my pleasure is always your pleasure.
42 minutes of irresistible insatiable orgasmic pleasure is waiting for you now.

Categories: Dungeon Fantasy,
Masturbation Tags: catsuit, dungeon, hypnotic, masturbation, nipple play, sensuous, sexy

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