Lucid dirty dream TD

by Mistress Marisa
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Release: Jan 2018
Length: 25 minutes

Lucid dirty Dream tease and denial
Imagine while you lay there ready to sleep
My Stiletto heels in the distance, you hear me coming to your room the sound of my stilettos trigger something deep inside don’t they.
This file has been created with a shorter powerful induction focusing more on ultimate pleasure.
This 25 minute hypnosis file will take you deep into my realm of intense masturbation pleasure.
Laced with whispers my voice surrounds you.
Filling you with the most deepest euphoria.
Would you like to come with me into this powerful lucid dream
Yes of course you do and feel how good it feels to surrender your mind
Would you like to come with me into this powerful lucid dream teased until you are ready to burst.
This is a seductive tease and denial file same as lucid dirty dream with an obvious alternative ending were you dont get to cum, yet you feel the same ultimate pleasure you feel by not!

Categories: Masturbation, Newly released, Tease & Denial
Tags: dreamy, euphoria, lipstick, masturbation, nipple play, obey, oral sex, pleasure, sex, sexual, stilettos, surrender, tease, tease denial, trance, triggers

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