Midnight Seductress

by Mistress Marisa
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Release: Oct 2012
Length: 43 minutes

Midnight Seductress, a fantasy hypnosis file, daring sensuous erotic. This explicit hypnotic file will take you deeply into an amazing rush of sheer dirty pleasure. Enveloped by whispers, sexual whispers that take you to the deepest level of sexual euphoria. 43 minutes of pulsating pleasure. Midnight Seductress will take you, sexually milking you dry. Your huntress Seductress your succubus.

Tags: alluring, erotic, huntress, hypnotic, nipple play, oral sex, seductress, sensuous, sex, succubus,


Come with me on a mysterious journey into hypnotic seductive pleasure. An enchanting compelling journey into exquisite sexual pleasure Would you go deeper for pleasure and let your mind drift to a dreamy erotic place Here I take you while you sleep in more ways than one! Yes I am your seductress your temptress your only desire You become so weak so helpless but you enjoy every moment of this sexual compelling journey, will you cum with me in this 43 minute dreamy seductive journey reaching deeper levels of orgasmic bliss

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