Mind Fuck With Double Induction

by Mistress Marisa
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: 2008
Length: 40:19

Mindfuck Chamber. This hypnosis recording contains a sensory double brainwash induction.Mistress takes you deeper than ever before. Sensory Overload. The color blue calms and relaxes you. Fingerclicks and deepening triggers. The blue clock inhances deeper sensations. Your in the bondage chair. This is a serious recording of sheer mind fuck surrender, Her voice inside your mind. Whispering hypnotic subliminal content. Mistress owns your mind right now. You will obey and surrender now. total hypnotic mind control Has 3-dimensional sound with special effects that help emphasise and weave together the web of words sounds and suggestions embedded in the background. You feel as if Mistress is in your mind. Amazing effects creating hypno-Peripheral Processing combining hypnotic music background. Mistress has your cock throbbing before allowing the ultimate orgasam. This recording is 40mins of serious mind fuck including binarual beats to enhance the experence. That horny mindfuck orgasam is right at the end.

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