Mindfuck Obsession

by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 40 minutes

Mindfuck obsession.
An amazingly powerful masturbation mind fuck file. One that will take you very deep
Laced with hypnotic whispers that first help you to deeply relax.
A complete and total mind fuck file that not only takes you pleasurably deeper but deeper and longer.
Hear I stimulate both mind and cock. You will want to submit and obey more.
You will drift deeply while my whispers penetrate that part of your mind that makes you feel more pleasure.
Easily drifting with each breath you take wanting to and needing to go much deeper.
This forty minute file will fuck your mind on a much deeper level than any of my other mind fuck files.
Your mind will easily absorb each trigger each whisper that only brings pleasure.
Masturbation here feels so much better while I fuck your mind much more.
You want to submit, you want to obey and you will want to surrender your mind more and more.
You will come to realize that my voice takes you exactly where you want to go deeper for pleasure.
When you hear the word.
You will definitely explode into the deepest euphoric orgasmic pleasure. More deeper than ever before.
This file contains binaural beats.

Categories: Brainwash, Masturbation
Tags: brainwash, erotic, hypnosis, intense, masturbation, mindfuck, nipple play

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