by Mistress Marisa
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Release: Nov 2018
Length: 38 minutes

Emptied a slow erotic hypnosis file to help you Drift away deeper into my world of erotic intoxicating pleasure.

Relax now and let my voice take you slowly softly and sensuously into trance.

A very slow hypnotic induction teaching you how to relax and go deeper for pleasure.

My whispers trigger more pleasure, can you imagine my crystal swaying activating intense pleasure as you fall deeper.

How deep can you go, how deep can you fall into my realm of seductive hypnotic bliss.

Are you ready to obey my words exactly? Are you ready to learn how to serve your Goddess. Can you imagine yourself in my realm under my control as I softly take you to a dreamy place. Can you imagine my voice surrounding you on this compelling thirty eight minute journey of exquisite masturbating pleasure.

Step inside now and feel how good it feels to feel me empty that cock.

Categories: Dungeon Fantasy, Masturbation
Tags: dreamy, erotic, euphoria, hypnosis, hypnotic, masturbation, orgasmic, pleasure, sensuous, tease, trance, triggers, whispers

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