by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 37 minutes

Imagine while laying in bed, imagining how good it would feel to feel her close.

Hear her whispers that surround your mind.

Needing her to fill your mind with euphoria. Relax take a deep breath and simply let go as your fantasy unfolds.

Within moments your mind will relax more as you are swept away into a dreamy hypnotic place. Imagining. She enters your room her long flowing dress gently ripples in that familiar breeze you’ve heard several time before. Her voice softly sedating your mind making you want to obey her every whisper. Because here you already know that when you obey, you are swept away into a hypnotic place filled with enchanting pleasures.

Her words flow through your mind easily like a soft gentle mist. Slowly fucking your mind with lust. You allow yourself to relax more while you listen to her powerful hypnotic whispers. Your drift into a compelling hypnotic place with each breath you take. Knowing that she guides you safely into her realm.

You drift dreamily compelled and enchanted as you feel her whispers reach that part of your mind that gives you such intense pleasure. Her words so hypnotic they penetrate deep. Are you willing to obey her. Are your ready to receive the most ultimate pleasure. Imagine. Over 37 minutes of explicit enchanted pleasure rippling through your mind. You cannot possibly resist can you. Enjoy this orgasmic hypnotic seductress now.

Categories: Masturbation, Seductress
Tags: dreamy, erotic, hypnotic, nipple play, sensuous, sex, trance

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