by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 35 minutes

Vixen your erotic sensuous seductress will take you slowly into her mysterious realm as you breath deep and slow.

Here going into trance becomes a pleasure.

A deeply sensuous 35 minute file that will take your mind into the most deeply intense dreamy place where nothing else matters at all.

Slowly almost in slow motion you fall into a deeply erotic dream.

Powerful whispers move around your mind while you lay there feeling more and more pleasure.

This deep orgasmic file will fill you with the most deepest pleasure.

Can you imagine how good you’ll feel when you walk through the gateway of pleasure. Come to me now…

Categories: Fantasy, Masturbation, Moon Goddess, Seductress
Tags: deep, erotic, hypnosis, masturbation, nipple play, orgasmic, pleasure, seductive, sex

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