Moth to a Flame

by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 40 minutes

Moth to a flame. Yes its another hauntingly fantasy mysterious hypnotic seductress file. Created by Mistress Marisa your mind Goddess of hypnotic pleasure.
Over 40 minutes of exquisite dreamy trance. Laced with erotic whispers that will trigger many pleasures.
Here you will enjoy a complete erotic journey of sensuous seductive hypnosis.
I have created this file to take your mind on a journey into another realm a hypnotic realm where you feel absolute mindgasm pleasure. An addictive pleasure one that you will want to hear again and again.
Moth to a flame will definitely fuck your mind with dreamy 3D whispers taking you deep, then deeper.
Can you imagine from the moment you lay down and put those headphones on, going so dreamily into that dreamy subliminal place while you listen and follow each and every word. This dreamy fantasy file is filled with surprises very sexually arousing surprises.
All distractions will just drift away while you begin your journey into my realm. moth to a flame is a hot fantasy file that you will enjoy.
Drifting into a dreamy hypnotic enchanted place a mesmerising place where sexual pleasure becomes real.
Would you like to join me on this sexually explicit journey?
Of course you would. Nothing but absolute pleasure awaits you.
Total orgasmic bliss…

Category: Masturbation
Tags: hypnotic, intense, masturbation, nipple play, oral sex, pleasure, sensuous, sex

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