by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 40 minutes

Nourish a fantastic fantasy file created by Mistress Marisa your Mind Goddess. Her voice will fill you with a craving desire to want more. You find an envelope in your mail box. An invitation for a free check up with your doctor.
Although when you get to the surgery, you find a new doctor waiting for you. A very stunningly sexy lady doctor.
She puts you at ease as you lay down on her couch, placing your head on the pillow.
Her eyes so very mesmerizing and before long you easily relax.
This erotic hypnosis file will take you into a deep journey of deep horny mind fuck pleasure. Her insatiable appetite and her hypnotic skills make you want her more.
Those dirty whispers make you feel pleasure so hard so deep you will need to please and pleasure her more.
Over forty minutes of absolute lust. Your new doctor is another powerful seductress.
Her hypnosis skills take you deep. She will nourish your mind with penetrative whispers.
Her philosophy to life, when you nourish your imagination you give your body and mind what it needs.
Her medication the most powerful of all medications is most definitely what you need.
She’s Filling you with hypnotic bliss from beginning to end, she will take you deep in more ways than one.
Her powerful whispers penetrate your mind with exquisite orgasmic bliss.

Category: Masturbation
Tags: hypnotic, intense, masturbation, nipple play, oral sex, pleasure, sex

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