Panties Addict

by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 35 minutes

Panties Addict is a powerful erotic hypnosis file.
If you have panties wear them while you listen. Hypnotic panty pleasure awaits you here.
This sensuous hypnotic file will encourage you to wear silky feminine panties.
Careful, you could become addicted to wearing women’s panties for even deeper pleasure. This 35 minute file is laced with triggers, whispers will take you deep. 10 times deeper, deeper for pleasure. Masturbation feels so good here while you wear those sexy silky women’s panties.
Now can you can imagine wearing those sexy silky panties.
Having nipple play while masturbation takes you deep into that dreamy place.
You don’t need to wear sexy silky panties you can just imagine. But imagine how much more intense this can feel when you touch those silky panties for real.
Yes, you can make the experience incredibly horny and wear those panties for me now and feel even more pleasure.
Imagine now those silky panties touching you in that place where you feel the most deepest pleasure.
Careful this could become a sexy sensuous addiction. This hypnosis file is very erotic sexy and hypnotic a seriously horny and very addictive file, Orgasmic pleasure is waiting for you now.
Lay back and feel how good it feels wearing sexy silky panties.

Categories: Masturbation, Panty Boy
Tags: masturbation, nipple play, pantieboy, panties, pleasure, silk, silky, tease

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