Quick Fix

by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 12 minutes

Quick fix. I know that some of you sometimes don’t have time to release that pent up pleasure.
You need a way to release it quickly don’t you.
Or perhaps you just want to be a very naughty boy and slip away unnoticed for a short while.
Here you can. Enjoy the tease, the erotic fantasy of masturbating quickly while that horny cock gets that release.
My sensuous whispers will make that cock want to play. You will want to play again and again.
You will feel so turned on sneaking away to masturbate.
Created in a sensuously imaginary way.
A horny file for those times when you don’t have much time.
This file is just over twelve minutes of horny masturbating pleasure.
There is no hypnosis induction. However it will still leads you into a dreamy place where you can imagine those things that drive you crazy with lust.
Many erotic whispers will trigger those images of what really turns you on.
This erotic masturbation file can be listened to again and again.
Anywhere private, Use you imagination, you can listen in the bathroom, car or another private place because there is no hypnosis in this file.
Expect seriously horny pleasure.
Giving you powerful orgasmic pleasure in twelve minutes.

Category: Masturbation
Tags: intense, mastubation, pleasure, tease

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