by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 36 minutes

A fantastic brainwash file that will take you very deep.
Here you open your mind more, willing to surrender your mind to me.
Drifting deep my whispers surround you. They take you so much deeper.
Can you imagine 36 minutes of drifting into a deeply erotic trance just for pleasure.
Here you want to feel my words penetrate your mind where nothing else matters at all except my voice.
You desire you crave to pleasure me. My pleasure is your pleasure.
Come along let me show you how good it feels under my control

Categories: Brainwash, Masturbation
Tags: brainwash, hypnotic, masturbation, mindfuck, orgasmic, seductive, whispers

Other description:
A dreamy hypnotic journey into that deeper part of your mind one that takes you as deep as you wish to go. deeper and deeper my voice taking you there, deeper to that dreamy place. Here nothing else matters at all. Lay back relax and drift away into a deeply profound horny place. Open your mind, feel my whispers fall deep inside fucking your mind. Giving you the most deepest profound pleasure. Compelling whispers fill your mind as you drift away more. This is an intense brainwash pleasure file thirty six minutes of obedient trance that will take you deep and deeper for pleasure

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