Sex In a Bottle Euphoria

by Mistress Marisa
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Release: Nov 2012
Length: 43 minutes

This 43 minute succubus hypnosis file has to be the most erotic and I must say more sexually explicit than most files I have done. Its a very naughty fantasy hypnosis file, some would say real dirty :-) Goddess Marisa her hungry sexy sister both with insatiable sexual appetites, take you to a dreamy very erotic place, you are their pleasure. Both use you for pleasure making you wait, building the pleasure up to the most highest level. Yes, you will explode into sexual ecstasy, but not before they are ready to let you. My horniest file ever.

Tags: erotic, fantasy, hypnotic, lust, oral sex, seductive, sensuous, sex, tease, triggers, whispers


What is sex in a bottle? Its a compelling Mysterious fantasy file one that will take you so deep into my hypnotic world you will not want it to end. Can you imagine been taken by two gorgeous ladies? Don't, open that bottle now. Otherwise you will go into the depths of sexual pleasure. Can you Imagine as you lay there an enchanting compelling sexual experience one that will take you so very deeply to a dreamy sexual place. Can you imagine. Just Imagine as you drift. A special sexually explicit journey awaits you here. Over 42 minutes of exquisite sexual pleasure. This file is laced with whispers and special sound effects to enhance this amazing hypnotic experience. One of my personal favourite recordings A popular erotic hypnosis file from Mistress Marisa. Can you imagine? Will you feed her hunger? Will you feed mine? This explicit horny file will take you deeply into the depths of euphoria. Can you imagine how good this will feel? Would you like to be a fuck toy? Come along for the ride now

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