Sexy Wet Lips

by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 33 minutes

Can you imagine her sexy wet lips.
Shiny wet and very hypnotic.
Do you enjoy been taken into deep sensuous hypnosis by a very powerful compelling seductress.
Then this is the erotic hypnosis file for you. Do you adore wet shiny lips dream of them touching, kissing you?
Soft bouncy shiny wet hypnotic lips that just make you go weak.
Can you imagine, Just imagine as you Lay back ready to sleep, sinking down into sexy erotic satin sheets. smoothly and softly drifting to a dreamy hypnotic place.
Just let her take you.
You will feel only pleasure.
Imagine a large TV screen.
While you drift.
Your mind blank like that TV screen.
Soon you will go into an amazing place where its a pleasure going deeper.
Her lips so mesmerizing. Can you imagine feeling so dreamy and drifting, just drifting to that dreamy hypnotic place, soon very soon enveloped by erotic and very hypnotic whispers.
Can you imagine while she strokes her soft sexy bouncy lips with her favourite lipstick.
Can you imagine that wet deep shine. Dripping so wet.
This 33 minute file will take you to an amazing hypnotic place where you feel incredible pleasure.
Mesmerized and hypnotised for deep sensuous pleasure. Orgasmic pleasure.

Categories: Masturbation, Seductress
Tags: hypnotic, intense, lipstick, masturbation, nipple play, oral sex, pleasure, sex, tease

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