Stiletto Worship TD

by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 33 minutes

If you enjoy looking and worshipping stilettos, then you will enjoy this 33 minute file of mouth watering stiletto and bare foot worship.

Can you imagine worshipping my stilettos, my naked feet.

Come with me and feel how good it feels here in my realm. Escape into my realm of sensuous erotic pleasure.

Watch me stroking my lips with red wet lipstick. Taking a peek at my sexy stockings.

Going into trance hear my whispers surround you with seductive erotic pleasure. Can you imagine kneeling in front of me.

How much of my heel can you take in your mouth.

Here you will feel the most deepest dripping pleasure under my feet.

Teased and denied again and again.

Yes you will enjoy this deeply erotic tease and denial file.

Categories: Fetish, Tease & Denial
Tags: erotic, foot worship, heels, masturbation, naked feet, sensuous, stiletto, worship

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