Succubus Sex Play

by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 42 minutes

Take a deep breath and enjoy the journey of deep sexual pleasure. This 42 minute sensuous file will take you to a dreamy hypnotic place. She comes to you in the night while you sleep. This file is very erotic a deeply sensuous file that will take you to the edge and beyond. Laced with horny whispers and triggers that make you feel more pleasure. You will come to surrender always, feeling more and more sexual pleasure.

Tags: erotic, fantasy, hypnotic, nipple play, oral sex, sensuous, sex, succubus, triggers, whispers


Its night time are you ready to come on a journey of erotic sexual hypnotic surrender Let your mind drift into my realm while you fall so deep This enchanting hypnotic journey will take you to a dreamy horny place where you feel more pleasure. Over 40 minutes of deep euphoria. Can you imagine visiting this enchanting sexual place hearing whispers and sound effects that enhance your sexual hypnotic experience. You will go deep, very deep and enjoy getting lost in my enchanting whispers. Will you take a sip from the wine goblet will you go deeper and feel how good it feels to be taking by me again and again. My lover waiting for more. this enchanting file will take your mind into my realm where I use you for pleasure

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