The hole

by Mistress Marisa
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Release: Jan 2018
Length: 27 minutes

The hole an explicit horny fantasy file
I know you sometimes fantasize deep in your mind explicit anonymous seduction Craving cocks is a deep desire.
Imagine if I took you to a place where you could feel and imagine even more.
Be warned this is an extremely explicit file containing graphic content.
Created to fulfil the deepest dirtiest fantasies that lay deep within
Yes I know you fantasize about cock.
Let me take you on a journey into a fantasy deep in your mind.
The name of this file is a clue to what the content is about.
Can you imagine what goes on behind that hole in the wall.
Or have you already been there before.
Let me take you all the way into this naughty dirty fantasy where you get to take it all.
Yes in more ways than one. Almost twenty eight minutes of explicit anonymous sex.
Will you crave more cock. I’m sure you will after listening to this deeply arousing 27 minute explicit hypnotic file
ending in the most explosive orgasmic bliss
Do not purchase this file if you don’t want to delve into gay/bi sex

Categories: Masturbation, Newly released
Tags: bi, dreamy, euphoria, gay, hypnosis, masturbation, nipple play, obey, oral sex, pleasure, sex, sexual, surrender, tease, trance, triggers

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