by Mistress Marisa
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Length: 41 minutes

A powerful trance masturbation pleasure file with a difference.
Have you ever wondered what it feels like going into trance and how you can feel more pleasure.
Here you will go into trance opening your mind to a powerful level of deep hypnotic pleasure.
What is trance? Here in my world trance is pleasure in another time another place a deeply erotic place where your mind takes a trip deep into euphoria.
Would you like to go there now into another time another place a dreamy place.
Where nothing else matters at all except my voice. Because here my voice becomes a much deeper pleasure, perhaps more than you’ve ever experienced before now.
Your mind will relax and slowly open. You will become more and more open to feel this pleasure as it ripples through your mind travelling down deep inside.
Here going into trance like never before. Can you imagine feeling more sexual pleasure.
Would you like to go deep and discover how easy it is to feel this deep down erotic pleasure deep down now.
This amazingly hypnotic file is laced with deepening whispers subliminal soft gentle music that will penetrate those places that only you know.
Making masturbation so mesmerizing and so very intense. Would you like to enjoy that throbbing pulsating pleasure continue to grow while you drift down deeper.
Can you imagine how good you’ll feel when you feel this pleasure sink deep into your mind, yes opening your mind and willing to surrender to this ultimately deep hypnotic trance.
It’s almost imperceptible as your mind drifts away feeling more and more obedient as my voice gently and softly takes you into my hypnotic realm.
Can you imagine going into trance feeling sexual pleasure for over 41 minutes waking up to amazingly deep orgasmic bliss.
Would you like to feel how good it feels going into an amazing hypnotic trance just for pleasure.
Sexual pleasure so deep so profound where all you can do is surrender let go and feel that rush of hypnotic orgasmic pleasure.
Here it is. feel how good it feels to lose yourself in deep erotic pleasure.

Categories: Brainwash, Masturbation
Tags: deep, erotic, hypnosis, nipple play, oral sex, sex, sexual, training, trance

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