Vampire Seductress

by Mistress Marisa
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Sep 2011
Length: 45 minutes

As you sit on the train on your way home. You see a beautiful women sitting in front of you. You gaze at her not noticing the train is now almost empty. The aroma from her perfume fills your mind as you sit back and relax. She speaks to you with a soft sensuous hypnotic voice. You find yourself drifting to the soothing tone of her voice. This is a 45 minute hypnosis file. Laced with many soft seductive whispers. Her hypnosis induction melts softly into your mind as you drift more. Her voice caresses your mind and body as she sensuously kisses you. This fantasy hypnosis file is very erotic very sexual and will leave you wanting more and more seductive vampiress pleasure.

Tags: erotic, fantasy, feed, hypnotic, oral sex, pleasure, sensuous, sexual, vampire, vampiress,

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