Wicked Step mom Boy Toy 1

by Mistress Marisa
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Release: Oct 2012
Length: 42 minutes

Wicked step mom Boy Toy 1 is One of two series with your wicked step mom.
Both files train you to become the best fuck toy
This is an extremely erotic hypnosis audio and extremely explicit.
Would you like to enjoy over forty two minutes of highly seductive masturbation pleasure.
A fantasy hypnosis audio that will take you to that dreamy place, where you become lost in my whispers.
Wicked step mom is training you to be her perfect fuck toy and also shares you with her friends.
Would you like to be her fuck toy.
There are a couple of horny surprises in this sexy audio
Be careful you could become addicted.

Categories: Masturbation, Wicked Stepmom
Tags: dreamy, euphoria, kiss, licking, lipstick, masturbation, nipple play, obey, oral sex, panties, pleasure, sex, sexual, stilettos, surrender, tease, trance, triggers

Old description:
Hello baby boy, Mommy Marisa is back to tease you. Are you ready to follow me into deeper erotic pleasure. This 42 minute hypnosis file will take you deep into euphoric pleasure. This file will fill your mind with lust. Its really only the beginning. This file is laced with triggers arousing suggestions and so much more. If you crave to obey, crave to feel more pleasure. Wish to be a sex toy, boy toy. Then follow me now. Waiting will only deepen arousal. This is part one. Part one of the most erotic wicked step mom file ever recorded. Yet there is still more to come.
Tags: arousing, enchanting, erotic, foot worship, hypnotic, kiss, nipple play, oral sex, sensuous, tease, whispers

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