Wicked Step Mom - Lust

by Mistress Marisa
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Dec 2012
Length: 36 minutes

Mmm-wicked step mom hypnotizes her sweet boy before she goes to his room. Her voice plays softly through his horny mind. He lays there wishing she would call him to her room. This is a horny erotic hypnosis file. Filled with lust, laced with horny sensuous whispers. Whispers that fill you with desire. Your dreamy sleepy mind drifts into a dreamy hypnotic place before mommy comes to your room. Mmmm when she does. You just cannot resist her. 36 minutes of horny hungry wicked step mom seducing you.

Tags: erotic, fuck, hypnotic, oral sex, sensuous, sex, sexual, wicked,

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