Yes Mistress

by Mistress Marisa
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Jan 2012
Length: 33 minutes

Imagine if you where to visit a club full of dominant women forcing poor men to dress as women. Mmm, of course you would not want that to happen to you. Would you? No of course not. You leave with me, get into my car and suddenly feel very sleepy. I take you back to my home. This recording is laced with whispers horny subliminal whispers. If you enjoy the idea of been forced into silk panties,stockings and tight velvet dress. Under my control. Then 33 minutes of hypnotic mind seduction will leave you craving for more. Total orgasmic pleasure under my control.

Tags: control, dress, erotic, femdom, forced feminization, hypnotic, masturbation, panties, sensuous, stockings,

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