Wicked Step Mom - Loverdose

by Mistress Marisa
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Release: Mar 2013
Length: 40 minutes

Wicked Step mom will take you deep in this very horny erotic masturbation audio.
Loverdose, will take you beyond pleasure.
Are you ready to embark on a sensuous hypnotic journey of complete erotic pleasure?
Dressed in her revelling negligee and sexy panties.
What will she do with you here in trance, will her aroma take you even deeper now.
Compelled by her sensuous aroma taking you down into sexual bliss.
Can you imagine when you fall deeper, her kiss triggers something very deep inside.
This horny audio will introduce you to wicked step moms horny friend.
Can you imagine two hungry seductresses taking you into the depths of erotic hypnotic pleasure?
Just over forty minutes of delicious sexual pleasure is waiting for you now.
Come along like a good boy, join us now!

Categories: Fantasy, Masturbation, Wicked Stepmom
Tags: brainwash, dreamy, euphoria, hypnotic, kiss, masturbation, mindfuck, nipple play, oral sex, panties, pleasure, sex, sexual, stilettos, surrender, tease, triggers, wsm

Old description:
Yes, You can hear her heels clicking down the hallway it makes you feel aroused as she enters your room. You dont even notice nurse Sophie enter your room. Time stands still as she takes your mind to a dreamy place. Even her voice triggers arousal. Compelled to drift deeper mesmerized seduced by aromas her kiss takes you deep. This 41 minute hypnosis file is laced with hot horny whispers, sexual whispers that can only fill you with pleasure. Like all the wsm files they just get hotter.
Tags: addictive, erotic, hypnotic, nippleplay, oral sex, sensuous, sex, tease, wsm,

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