Wicked Step Mom - Sweet Dreams

by Mistress Marisa
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Release: Oct 2012
Length: 20 minutes

Wicked step mom sweet dreams Once again she comes to your room she is extremely horny and ready to use you for pleasure. Can you hear her stilettos.
Would you like to go deep now and enjoy that deeply hypnotic journey with your wicked step mom
Would you like to feel how good it feels to become aroused in trance.
This is a perfect file when you are ready to sleep.
Take twenty minutes to feel her sensuously drench your mind and that cock for pleasure.
Lust fills your mind doesn’t it.
So while you lay in bed so dreamy so very sleepy you hear her whispers while she sits next to you.
You cannot resist drifting while she plays with you, mind and body.
Teased under the bedclothes, turns you on doesn’t it.
Here you desire to obey, willing and ready to feel her pleasure her while you sleep.
Fucked in trance you cannot resist.
Feels like a dream doesn’t it baby boy toy.
This tease and denial file while leave you throbbing as she takes her pleasure.
The perfect wicked step mom tease and denial hypnosis file she takes her pleasure and leaves you throbbing

Category: Wicked Stepmom
Tags: bed, dreamy, erotic, euphoria, hypnosis, hypnotic, masturbation, pleasure, sex, sleep, triggers


Wicked step mom comes to kiss you good night. You drift deeply to that dreamy place. Her voice soothing comforting as you drift even deeper. Can you imagine while you sleep, feeling deep intense pleasure. Yes' you can, even while you sleep. Feel every moment of this deep hypnotic surrender. A deeply erotic horny file, laced with carnal sensuous sexual whispers 20 minutes of complete carnal throbbing pleasure. But wait. With this file she leaves you throbbing, this is a tease and denial version of wsm dirty desires.
Tags: denial, erotic, hypnotic whispers, nipple play, sensuous, sex, tease,

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