Mistress Zaida's Robot

by Mistress Zaida
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Length: 39 minutes

[Connecting pleasure centers to Mistress Zaida]:

[Opening loop]:

After I have converted you to into my obedient robot, I am wiping you clean and installing my latest Orgasmic controlling software into you.

This program is installing right now as you are reading these words and finding yourself following these instructions.

You are absolutely compelled to buy this file: do it now and find yourself becoming increasingly aroused.

Pleasure systems overload...

[Closing loop]:

This overwhelming file is 39 minutes of intense robotic programming, although of course you are experiencing it in just a few moments as you surrender into a very, very deep trance for me, again, and again, and again...

Contains: multiple layers, extreme sound effects, music, subliminal programming and iso-brainwave beats

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