Alter Ego

by Mona Blu
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Dec 2009
Length: 27 minutes

"Welcome into the realm of trance...the alter ego the persona in which you feel most comfortable. today, take a deep breath and simply celebrate...that feeling of subdued escape towards that identity that suits you best. yes...the alter ego. the true, innermost peace within the self. It is the alter ego which fits best. "

An exquisitely relaxing girly trance for those who are in touch with their feminine side...and wish to celebrate residing within the Alter Ego for a duration of 30 minutes or so. Escape to where you feel most comfortable. Includes: countdown, idealogical embedding, hypnotic relaxation, numeric association, mind visual pendulum, overall wellness and acceptance of self, dominance, follownig directives.

Keywords: alter ego, girly, silky, satin smooth, trance, pendulum, pleasure, peace, pink, peachy cream, elixer, rhinestone

Total session time: 27 min

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