Confidence for Cross Dressers

by Mona Blu
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Length: 34 minutes

In the very influential vein of positive affirmation and hypnosis, Confidence for Cross Dressers is a very soothing and hypnotic conditioning exercise aimed toward self value, increased positive character, and self acceptance in a society that is extremely judgemental.

Listeners of this recording will be exposed to the following ideas, and exposed to self awareness, acceptance, and steps towards overcoming socially constructed definitions of self worth.

Fused throughout the recording, a highly relaxing full body induction will sooth your physical being, while positive thought processes drip slowly into the mind. Includes a staircase deepener and wakening sequence.

Key concepts:
- Bring awareness of social norms existing in today's society.
- Gene pool selection
- Self Respect Affirmations
- Pitch Shifting
- Positive Reinforcement conditioning
- Individual personal confidence
- Cross dressing confidence
- Defining the act of cross dressing needs within the self.
- Cross gender expressionism

This is a non-sexual exercise and is intended to suppliment overall mental well-being for those whom enjoy the act of cross dressing.

Total session time: 34 minutes.

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