DayDream Sublime

by Mona Blu
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Release: Aug 2009
Length: 28 minutes

A visionary fantasy experienced while awake, especially one of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions. While daydreams may include fantasies about future scenarios or plans, reminiscences about past experiences, or vivid dream-like images, they are often connected with some type of emotion.

Practice visualization through hypnotic guidance and using the exercise of the day dream. Many of us simply learn to ignore the phenomenon of the day dream, but through hypnosis, we can learn to channel particular experiences, memories or desired visualizations.

The ability to visualize is inherent to us all, it is merely a method of practice to learn how to tap into the realm of the day dream.

Daydream Sublime is ideal for all levels of hypnosis practitioners.

Total session time: 28 minutes

Keywords: daydreaming, day dream, visualization, goal setting, past experiences, ability, higher mind, mind thoughts, systematic hypnosis conditioninng, sublime, natural ability, hypnosis, trance.

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