by Mona Blu
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Mar 2010
Length: 30 minutes

"you are now in a state of submissive trance My dominance dazzles prismatically. Feel the sublime sparkle deep within your mind glittering and revolving...your submission sparkling in the dark, still air....and you obey, and you oblige, and I dictate..."

A lovely fusion of submissive behavior modification enforcement through the use of heavy relaxation hypnosis. While My voice is oozing over your mind, My directives guide you to a full body and mind relaxed state of mind while painting a mesmerizing image of dazzling release and submission.

Keywords: dazzle, trance, mesmerize, sparkle, glitter, array of dazzle light, deep relaxation, sleepy, submission, breathing induction, visualization, floating

Total session time: 30 Min

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