Empty Flame

by Mona Blu
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“As the flame continues to dance on the wall…your eyes become heavier, your mind immersed in a tranquil fog…and you float. Everything has been peeled away from your conscious. your mind…so…very…empty…as the flame dances in the background…and you submit. One breath at a time….coming closer to Me.”

Empty Flame is a fusion of 4 hypnotic subliminal loop conditioning in one powerful hypnosis trance session. As one layer immerses itself into your mind, 3 others are manipulating the though processes, allowing each one to peel back what the mind has just accepted and empty it all over again. And again….and again…until you are so far under, that nothing really matters for 30 minutes. Escapism, relaxation and submission is the outcome of Empty Flame. The rhythmic tempo background music is set to stop-start in tune with deeply plunging subliminal referrence trigger points to allow your psyche to let go completely…as your conscious mind interrupts it’s train of thought with the breaks in the music.

Empty Flame can be set on repeat for looping intensity.

Experimental and seductive, Empty Flame is a must have for the Mona Blu Hypnosis enthusiast!

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