Hidden Fantasy

by Mona Blu
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Jul 2008
Length: 25 minutes

"I know your deepest desires...the ones that you cannot stop thinking about. Listen to My voice and trust in My suggestions"
Hidden Fantasy 1 is a complete rapid induction fused with 4 layers of positive affirmation suggestions enticing the mind to submit to trance.

Best if used with headphones and left on a repeat pattern as the induction will repeat to continue to deepen your trance level. Do not use if needing to be awake, as a dreamlike state is likely to occur.

Best if used at night, when able to follow with a restful, peaceful slumber. Generic fantasy suggestions allow the imagination to wander and associate subliminally positive acceptance in accordance with the hidden fantasy of the mind.

Total Session Time: 25 minutes

Keywords: submit to the trance, dreamscapes, eye roll, relax the body, trust in hypnosis, follow my voice, deepest darkest secret, fantasy, unable to forget, slumber, soporific hypnosis

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