Liquid Persuasion

by Mona Blu
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Jul 2008
Length: 47 minutes

My words rippling over you mind…slowly…effectively…one ring at a time…one circular motion phasing out to another…and yet…another until the whole mind is simply rippling like a tranquil pond…disturbed just a little bit…a small interruption of pattern…instilling a new and welcomed behavior…modification…installments…slowly and deliciously...
Introducing My latest creation, Liquid Persuasion. This session begins with a relaxing induction. Once you are completely relaxed and comfortable, deepening visualization is initiated, followed by 2 countdowns and over 20 minutes of highly suggestive trance routines. Ideal for all levels of practitioners.

Total session time: 47min

keywords: melt, dissolve, molten, potion, succulent submission, rippling mind, verbal confusion, nectar, elixer, liquified, surrender.

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