Love Drunk

by Mona Blu
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Jul 2008
Length: 30 minutes

Love Drunk...A Sinfully Intoxicating Hypnotic Tale
Intensive relaxation fused with an intoxicatingly erotic work of pure fiction, come let Me play in your mind...

For entertainment and relaxation purposes only, this hypnotic session includes traces of induced erotic hypnosis creating a luxe fantasy creation - your imagination, along with My vocal subliminal suggestions will push boundaries and explore unleashed abandon. A mysterious woman slips something into your wine glass...and suddenly, everything changes. What will She do with your mind, once it is completely under Her spell?

Please use caution while listening to this recording - not to be used while needing to be conscious. Feel free to expand your, let's play!

session time: 30 min

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