Love Laced

by Mona Blu
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Oct 2008
Length: 30 minutes

A true Goddess Worship essential for the admirer of lacy, sheer and form fitting negligee and lingerie on a sultry and seductive Woman. Visual hypnotic lure takes you to a deliciously secret boudoir, witnessing a mysterious enchantress doting on Her femininity. Alluring, elegant and classically intertwined with hypnotic word play, eroticism and eloquent subliminal messaging. Intensive submissive character motivation is strongly suggestive.

Post hypnotic triggers towards an allure to lace and sheer materials should awaken within just a few sessions completed.

Total session time: 30 minutes

Keywords: Lace, adore, worship, luscious, stockings, dangling shoe, high heels, vanity, hopeless crush, stocking tops, witchy seductress, tight fitting shapewear, lingerie is magic, love spell, magic potion, enthralled with beauty, vulnerable crush, Goddess Worship, lacy nylon slip, slip into trance, Matriarchal power, sheer clingy slip, submissive lust, surreal seduction, intelligent, sheer, desire, irresistable, hopelessly infatuated.

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