by Mona Blu
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Release: Sep 2008
Length: 34 minutes

A meditative hypnosis project, Miroir welcomes self introspection, deep relaxation method and meditative healing exercise to the practitioner. Within a spiritual elevation and healing white light visualization, Miroir explores elements of memory, holding onto positive feelings, various aspects of aroma & total recall as well as overall positive healing and energy transference.

Includes ideas in the scope ranging from maternal comfort, tactile memory recall, cleansing inner spirit, white light healing ceremonies, color therapy introduction and mentally visualizing lifting away impure thoughts or feelings.

2 separate tracks are looped and infused into an overall meditative trance. This recording does include a wakening sequence, so be sure to play all the way through and allow approximately 15 minutes in addition to the conclusion to gain your awareness fully prior to needing to be fully conscious. Mild rhythmic syncopation and intricate repetitive melodic phrasing.

Total session time: 34 minutes

Keywords: meditation, spiritual awakening, memories, mirror, maternal comfort, white light, aroma, relax, energy transfer, sensory clarification, spiritual center, 3

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