Pulse Hypnotika

by Mona Blu
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Oct 2008
Length: 36:17

Intracranial stimulation is the fundamental base for Pulse Hypnotika, Mona Blu's First recording of the anticipated "HardWired" series.
"Revel in this moment of unconscious awareness, pairing hypnotic slumber with acute awareness of heavy deep rooted acceptance and positive behavior modifications. Your mind relates my voice with pangs of pleasure shooting up from your spine to the very tips of your neurotransmitters. You begin to welcome these bursts of pleasure. Your Seratonin receptors are much more active in this hypnotic zone. Burst after burst of pleasure messaging lifts your mood and allows you to be much more alive..."

Dual deepeners, full body induction, multi-tonal ambient & voice effects.

Total session time: 36:17

Ideal for all levels of practitioners. Use caution when listening, best if used with headphones, right before rest and/or sleep. Contains wakening sequence. Allow up to 20 minutes after wakening before returning to conscious activity.

Keywords: positive behavior modification, refined, pleasure sensations, bursts, frozen, immobile, better quality of life, enticing conditioning, linguistic adaptation, mind melding, empty mind, mindless, raw earth, heavy, gravity, deep pull, vocal reflections, tonal awareness, deep rooted calm, layers, hardwired.

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