Queen for a Day

by Mona Blu
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Aug 2009
Length: 28 minutes

"That’s right....today, right here, right now...you can be the royal female you yearn to be. A Queen for a day. Royalty for today..."

Imagine yourself in a completely different realm of existence. One where you are the ruler of your own experience. Mona Blu gently guides you into a full body and facial relaxation trance, spinning the Royal spell to take you into the depths of subliminal mind merge. Fusing majestic ideology with imaginary trance visualization, experience a very subtle and yet powerful feminine hypnosis experience.

Ideal for : feminization enthusiasts, feminization curious beginners & all levels of feminization practitioners.

Total session time: 28 minutes

keywords: majestic, trance, hypnotic royalty, imagination, eye relaxation technique, facial muscle relaxation induction, 10 step visualization deepener, ambient music, binaural sound mechanism, subliminal, suggestion, post hypnotic, self awareness, acceptance, pride, feminine, female, Queen.

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