by Mona Blu
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: May 2009
Length: 30 minutes

A better, a deeper, a more profound submissive, to me, is what you will become. It is why you are here.
"So if you are prepared to sacrifice,if you are prepared to serve, if you are prepared to live, if you are prepared to gratify your can experience the ecstasy of submission. You need not hide your submission from me. You are free to thrust in submissive pleasure. You are free to writhe in subservient ecstasy. You are free to indulge, to celebrate your utter submission to me"

Total session time: 30 minutes

keywords: sacrifice, auto-orgasm, profound submissive, service, submissive character training, step off the edge, sinking, conscious submission, submissive sexuality, euphoric fog, sacrificial pleasure, sexual gratification, cum, female domination, twilight

* Ideal for beginners to advanced practitioners.

Dual layer recordings, over 1 hour of total recording time layered into a 30 minute sequence.

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