by Mona Blu
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Audio No longer available for purchase

Submission Collection : Forever Blu contains 3 submissive-inspired hypnosis recordings: Blu Dominion, Blu Mantra and only available with this collection, Sapphire.

Blu Dominion: This hypnotic conditioning exercise will have you feeling positively relaxed as seductive and strategically placed layers of positive and assuring reinforcements to ultimately and completely submit to Mona Blu's hypnotic words and trances.

Inspired by a regular client, this recording is approximately 52 minutes long and has looping simply press play and set on repeat as the smooth and melodic words start to drift into your ears and resonating into your mind.
Total soothing practices, total obedience celebrated and total servitude is expected in Blu Dominion. Click here for Blu Dominion's details page.

Blu Mantra : Details page here.

Mona Blu by design. A 25 minute journey into the subconscious brainwaves within your conscious thought.

capturing your biorhythm...sequential trance mechanism
drawing you deeper into this realm of peaceful ubiquity
and you release...all of your tension
and you release...all of your expectations
and you release...all of your free will
and you release...all of your conscious thinking

and you release....

This script is available to Members

Total session time: 25 min

Bonus recording: Mona Blu's Sapphire

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