Sex Kitten

by Mona Blu
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Dec 2008

Sex Kitten : A Very Naughty and Kinky Hypnosis Experience brought to you by .
intended for mature audiences only.

"Who is really the busty nymphette in this situation here? You are such a naughty little minx...I knew it from the first time I saw you. I can keep a secret...And I wonder if you'd like to play a game of Let's Pretend?"

Back by popular demand, Mona Blu brings you a deliciously deviant concoction of soothing, melodic and alluring affirmations diffused with soft spoken, delirious driven naughty and somewhat shockingly seductive suggestions with Sex Kitten. Intended for the curious to the openly 'out' feminization clientelle. Allow your mind to open, experience new ideas and thoughts. you have no expectations of outcome...except that you will never forget this erotic and sexy journey!

keywords: sex kitten, siren, kink, bimbo, cross dressing, secret fantasy, hidden fantasy, nymphette, triangle, sissyslut, purr, She, girly, lust, busty, minx, naughty girl, kinky secrets, sensual boundaries, comfort, restricted, high heels.

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