Snake Charmer v2

by Mona Blu
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Jul 2008
Length: 27 minutes

"I am the vixen snake charmer and I can get you to come out from under your rock. You need not lurk any longer, you will not lurk any longer. Charmed, mesmerized and simply captivated...embrace your desire. Lust. Awareness and relaxation all begin to fuze within each other capturing variant shades of the sun and shadows..."
Snake Charmer v2 has finally come. The long anticipated finale of the Snake Charmer duo is now in it's completion and ready for release. you only have one voice to follow, and that is Mine. Heavy dual overlapping vocal tracks with low levels of white noise and melodic background composition sets the tone of this deviantly erotic experience*.

This hypnotic journey includes a deepener sequence, repeat dulcet tonal fusion, highly suggestive language, triggers & post hypnotic suggestions.

Keywords: erotic hypnosis, trance, denial, vixen, snake charmer, deeper, permission, mindless, empty, perfect harmony, bliss, subconscious learning.

*This session is intended for mature audiences only.
Total session length: 27 minutes

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