The Blu Commandments

by Mona Blu
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Length: 30 minutes

"you already adore. your curiosity piqued, your senses aroused. now is the time to begin your journey towards deeper submission and to rever in the affirmations of true essential Goddess Worship. Mona Blu owns you...and you follow. you kneel and bow and continue to practice as a good who truly at the root and core of the soul desires to truly submit."

There are rules to follow. rules that will allow you to become more in tune with this power exchange experience...

Includes 3 layers of full body and mind relaxation, 3 countdowns, visualization exercises, subliminal suggestions, submissive affirmations and hypnotic conditioning for power exchange experiences.

Total session time: 30 minutes

keywords: relaxation, countdown, 10, submission, affirmations, rules, Mona Blu, trance, hypnosis, hypnotic realm, servitude, acceptance of submissive desire, deeply relaxed

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