by Mona Blu
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Length: 30 minutes

"Hypnosis is the ideal tool to help you to learn all these aspects of your new future behavior - because thinking, feeling, acting and speaking are all learned on a subconscious level of mind - and simply because hypnosis is the best way of reprogramming your subconscious mind - this is the method that works best."

Immerse your feminine transformation desires into your subconscious mind with this soft and relaxting affirmation session. Learn to mimic, embody and fuse the femininity and sexual elements of a woman's natural behavior into your mind through hypnosis.

Total session time: 30 minutes.

includes relaxing background music with audio binaurial tones, as well as right and left brain cortex triggering.

keywords: transformation, woman, sexy woman, feminization, female, cross dressing, behavior adaptation, trance, trigger, hypnotic

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