by Mona Blu
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Audio No longer available for purchase
Release: Jun 2011

Posted in Erotic Hypnosis, Erotic Hypnosis Recordings on 28. Jun, 2011

A full body and mind relaxation conditioning exercise to completely allow tranquility to enforce emotional submissive behavior. you will learn how to relax mind and body, and also emotions. there is no need to allow negative emotions to rule. celebrate the worshipping of the Goddess. Embrace your submissive characterisitics, and for this short time, if there is anything that would deny or delay this wonderful feeling, you will release them…this is Our time to bring submissive balance and harmony into your thoughts with the guidance of My voice.

total session time: 30 minutes click here for more info!

submissive undertones and subliminal messaging included on the 3rd layer track.

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