3D Erotic Images

by Nikki Fatale
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Length: 23:07

If you enjoy viewing erotic images, you will want to add this session to your collection of erotic hypnosis. Nikki's voice will lead you on a very pleasant journey to a place where she will help train your mind to see these images in 3-dimensions of great detail, with more vivid colors, shadows, and textures. With repeated listening, you will find that erotic images almost take on a life of their own as they lift from the page or computer screen and you find yourself wanting to reach out to touch them. This session is a very nice compliment to the Erotic Dreams session because once your perception has been altered by Nikki's erotic training, your dream images will also become more vivid and graphic as well. This session will be enjoyable for both women and men, and is not D/s related.

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