Black Room Prime Objective

by Nikki Fatale
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Length: 78:07

Serena you will be missed... rest in peace.

This is the single file of the full 80 minute THE BLACK ROOM - PRIME OBJECTIVE.

I will let what Serena wrote introduce you to this file:

Well, this newest file is the finalized version of The Black Room and let me tell you this -- Nikki's recording is going to end up becoming the be-all of hypnosis/brainwashing recordings. This thing is amazing. It puts most of the other stuff I've got in my collection to shame. Actually, upon reflection, it's the queen of the castle.

While listening to it, I had even forgotten that I had written a good portion of it. What Nikki did was take it and make it her own and make it one of the most powerful, one of the most wonderfully lethal lessons in brainwashing.

And if you end that session and your head isn't buzzing with hypnotic're just silly.

Trust me, and I'm not saying this in any post-hypnotic fashion, you WILL want this in your collection.


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