Control 3 - Transcend

by Nikki Fatale
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Length: 72:00

Perhaps it doesn’t seem possible for you to experience even more intense hypnotic control than you already have with Nikki, but you would be quite wrong. You know how good it feels to be under the control of a powerful, dominant and hypnotic woman, so just imagine the erotic possibilities of allowing a sexy, dominant woman like Nikki transcendent control beyond even that.
With this session you will receive two files: one is a full hour and a half, and the other is just an hour. Listen to the longer one first. Afterwards, you may feel free to listen to either as time permits. You may find it best to listen to this session before bed, so that you may drift off into a nice sleep afterwards.
Make sure to listen to Control I and Control II before attempting this advanced and powerful session.

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