Control 4 - Helpless

by Nikki Fatale
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Length: 28:15

Having already experienced Nikki’s control, surrendered to even more of Nikki’s control, and transcended beyond even that level of control, you might be finding yourself helpless to resist Nikki’s sexy and erotic control now. Allow Nikki to show you just how exciting and pleasurable it can be to be so helpless in this simple, yet incredible intimate and erotic session. During this half hour session you will be helpless to do anything but COMPLY as Nikki tests your ability to let go, relax, and obey; and you’re going to enjoy every erotic minute of it.
Don’t even think about listening to this session until you’ve completed the rest of the Control series. Don’t worry this session will still be here waiting for you once you’re ready for it.

Aprox 30 minutes of just you and ME.  No background, no music, no whispers... well, I do whisper but you get the picture.

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